Excellent article! I had once been a big time reader of your "Historical and Investigative Research" and then it seemed to have disappeared for a while, but is now back up again. And I'm glad to have found you again. I really like your method of analysis and arriving at conclusions.

Question: What do you think of Lyndon LaRouche Jr and that broad base of writers, thinkers, and columnists surrounding EIR (Executive Intelligence Review)? I am also a reader and follower of some thinkers in the LaRouche circle, particularly Matthew Ehret at Rising Tide Foundation and Canadian Patriot. In some ways, your material reminds me of them in that you debunked the Climate Change Doom Porn narrative at HIR, as well as critiquing the Modern Attack on Blacks and dissecting the resurgence of Eugenics. But there are paths of divergence as well. For example, Matthew Ehret thinks the Oslo Accords were a good thing, whereas you didn't. I think it is because he approaches it from the point of view of what will work to improve infrastructure projects between Israel and West Asian nations (the LaRouche circles are BIG into Energy Infrastructure improvement and are big admirers of Plato-Leibnitz-Hamilton-List). Whereas you are approaching it more from the historical roots of the Palestinian movement's founding in Nazism and Hajj Amin. Although, Matthew Ehret discusses Hajj Amin as well, and brings up Hamas' connection to British Intelligence I, myself, am not sure what to make of all this. So I was wondering if you were familiar with EIR and the LaRouche circles. And if so, what was your take on their methodology and ideology?

Just curious...Would you say you tend more towards Plato? or Aristotle?

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The only justification for the autonomy argument is the Judeo-Christian ethic, or, more precisely, the spread of freedom authored by Jesus Christ. Without borrowing against the moral capital Christianity generated, there is not value of autonomy.

Our struggle today is ignorance of morality and justification of violence. Submerging Mohammad in urine would result in anticipated and accepted violence, although the same Christian version did not.

We’ve lost our way because our schools have divorced the Autonomous from the Moral, casting it (and our society) adrift in a sea of confusion. To compound the injury, schools have stolen the family from the culture, squandering our precious moral capital and generational knowledge. The only true solution to recapturing our phenomenal, powerful, prosperity-fuel traditions is home education.

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