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"Could it be that the Arab Palestinians are not really interesting—as such—for almost anyone? Might all this ‘pro-Palestinian’ political ferment just be an attack against the Jews?"

I have often asked that same question. It seems that "social justice" outcry for the "Palestinians" has been far larger and louder than the same for refugees, displaced populations, and oppressed people when other, non-Jewish governments are doing it. Where's the outcry for Acholi refugees from Northern Uganda? Where was the outcry for Mayan Indians when they were being genocided by Guatemala's right wing governments after United Fruit Company / Dole / CIA, etc overthrew their democratically-elected govt in 1954? It goes on and on. I have noticed that the Palestinians have been elevated to a special status, and why do I get the feeling it really has to do with a secret hatred of Jews? Like...do they really care for the Palestinians? Or do they just hate the Jews? I will be the first to say that Palestinian people are oppressed and have it bad, but it is at the hands of their own leadership and government: Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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