Thank you. Prouty's book was my first encounter with the crazy world of "Spy vs Spy" 6 years ago. It was an eye opener.

I remember wondering at the time how a high profile guy like that could blow the whistle on such a sensitive topic and not get suicided in a bowl of water? Today, everybody blabs about everything; but when that book came out, it was very risky to go public with that stuff.

Whistleblowers had extremely short lifespans.

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Speaking of faux student organizations, I personally have spoken to several expat Jewish Americans who were chosen to participate in the "National Leadership Training" program after graduating high school.

It's anyones' guess what type of "leaders" the Powers That Be had in mind to create, but many NLT American Jews were required to pursue their university education in Israel.

A close friend of ours from New Jersey remembers receiving a degree in "city planning" ; although his engagement announcement from 1972 states that he studied International Relations at the Hebrew U.


According to this young man, he and his new bride somehow managed to convince the Russians to let them spend their honeymoon on a motorcycle tour covering the length and breadth of the SOVIET UNION at a time when no one was allowed in or out of that place!

Just a lucky break I suppose...

Another friend studied Law and is now the senior legal advisor to the Prime Minister on cultural affairs in Israel.

Nothing weird about the above examples except for the fact that in both cases, the families of the students were high ranking freemasons. The same was true regarding my husband's family.

It was impossible to be a "somebody" in the intel services or the military without a lifetime membership in some masonic cult. That rule remains in place today.

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My spouse was one of those"unwitting" children born in 1955 and was trained and groomed from infancy to be a "somebody" in the technical arm of the CIA ( like DARPA).

In fact, his entire small town of Catskill NY was selected by the "spooks" to be a bootcamp/selection center for the future leaders of the NWO.

In his graduating class of 1973 alone, one girl became head of the US Organ Bank , another guy (a Jesuit no less) became a renowned brain surgeon, another a congressman , a black fellow became a famous jazz musician; and that is only a partial list.

It's important to mention that between 1969-73 nearly all of the teaching staff of the Catskill high school were out of towners contracted by the US government to teach certain subjects and enter into extremely weird and inappropriate relationships with the students .

These adult deviants did their work very well and undoubtably with enjoyed it immensely. There were literally hundreds of similar (dirty) high schools all across the US churning out mind controlled "leaders" of the next generation.

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The mother of al conspiracy theories indeed...

How do you explain the role of the student's protests in bringing the Vietnam war to and end?

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Excellent! Think you would enjoy Fletcher Prouty’s ‘The Secret Team’ which you can find on the internet archive if not in print. It details the same basic process taking place in the Pentagon and all other branches of government.

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