Thank you for sharing your historical knowledge, and revealing the uncomfortable truths for academia and the perception of U.S. support. I learn so much from you, and need to read your book (s).

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Welcome to Israel Francisco!

Like yourself, in 2016 my spouse and I produced a music video "documentary" about Israel (in SPANISH) for a contest sponsored by the Israel Video Network.

The video came out fabulous - but not fab enough for the IVN!

Since then, it's been sitting on You Tube waiting for the right time and audience.

Would you mind sharing the link with the organizers of your convention? It is exactly the type of positive hasbara they are looking for.

Thank you and God bless!

"Israel- Child of Hope and Home of the Brave"


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You are such a brilliant writer and a force for good in the world! Thank you 🙏❤️ I’m so glad I discovered you.

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I saw you at the differents you tube channels in Israel.

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