I love your work. But, alas, the amount of subterfuge in the world distracts even those that are awake and well-intended.

The most notable issues surrounding COVID are;


The total number of deaths in 2020 was similar to the preceding years;

The death rate due to influenza dropped to the floor;

COVID death rates compensated for flu death rates (not an irony);

Through all of history, including modern history dating back to the late 1700s, there has never been successful experiments for contagions; and

Microscopes were developed in the 1920s and early 1980s that showed the life cycle of viruses to be viewed in real time, bringing to light, the fact that they only grow within a cell to collect debris (including radioactive isotopes) and excrete with the debris into the blood where it travels to the lymphatic system and leaves the body through the kidneys. Also, bringing to light that these viruses do not travel from cell to cell much less from outside the body to inside the body. Also bringing to light the reality that a more appropriate name for “viruses” (which means poison) is “exosomes”. Exosomes serve a purpose of detoxing toxic elements in a cell.


That said, there is certainly a connection between Wuhan and the Scamdemic.

A product was developed to create a vaccine. Wuhan’s effort was indeed to create an exosome that is terribly toxic to human beings. But, that toxin, the created exosome, was never intended to be a Contagion (science knows better). The toxin was intended to either;

Be placed in a vaccine and injected into bodies, or

Be used as the RNA instruction set to be used by mRNA technology to “force” human bodies to manufacture the toxins within host cells via injection.

in other words, “the vaccine is the bio-weapon”.

I know that’s a deep rabbit hole on which to embark. Especially considering all of the ones to which you have dedicated your life.

But, this deception is critical knowledge for the world to understand. And you have a fantastic following.

I would encourage you to take one step back... a higher vantage point, and unveil yet another radical deception.

It seems the people of world can’t help but want to devour itself.

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Hi Francisco, longtime reader of your work. Question: have you ever heard from any reliable sources that China had drastic covid lockdown policies? I know that US media (and sites like tiktok, twitter, etc.) featured little videos of 'horrible lockdown' but I was never sure of the veracity for this reason: the US government was clearly in partnership with China from the start. From the very start, US media disseminated really absurd videos from China showing things like: people flopping over dead on subways, big 'misting' trucks going around sanitizing the atmosphere, people in white bogus hazmat suits spraying people getting off of airplanes, etc. So the fact that US media was eagerly showing these patently absurd things lead me to believe the pentagon was partnering with China, and I figured that stories of 'draconian lockdowns' over there were likely more BS. But I don't know this for certain. I was just going by intuition. Your articles long ago trained me to think objectively, thus I saw through the scam at once and never considered getting injected.

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Well, that is a true management-of-reality hypothesis. I don't know how probable your hypothesis is, though, because it seems likely to me that the Chinese bosses also want to teach their own population to accept more and more draconian and totalitarian pressure. So it seems plausible to me that the Chinese lockdowns must have been quite severe indeed, given that Chinese bosses are trending back to full and frank totalitarianism, from all the evidence I see.

That said, we should not be afraid to propose hypotheses of reality management on a grand scale, because we have examples from history of them pulling that sort of thing off. Here are two:



Thanks for reading!


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it may be the case they truly DID have draconian covid policies, while still being allied with the US on this project. I was just examining this piece of US agitprop: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/china-covid-death-toll-rcna91097

I don't think any US media has ever said, 'holy cow! look how out of control they are over there with their covid fascism!'. This article gushes over how effective their 'zero covid' policy was (even though we all know that it's quackery that only succeeds in removing rights and obliterating small businesses). They're like our tag-team partner that the pentagon uses to let everyone know how other countries 'take covid seriously' and what could happen in the US unless people follow orders...

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Well on this score I believe you are right. That is my model too. I believe 1) US and Chinese bosses were colluding on this COVID stuff; and 2) that China did have draconian COVID policies.

On the collusion, you may find the following pieces interesting:

LAB LEAK (3): What were the mainstream journalists doing?

Why ridicule the lab-leak hypothesis when it was obviously a reasonable COVID-origins proposal? Was it because the US government's fingerprints were all over the Wuhan lab?


LAB LEAK (4): Has the US been developing biological weapons with China?

The Chinese Wuhan lab, with US funding, was doing GOF research to make SARS viruses more contagious and lethal to humans. Is this really medical research? Or is this bioweapons research?


LAB LEAK (5): Why have US bosses helped Chinese bosses develop biological weapons of mass destruction?

Are these guys really enemies?


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another set of thoughts I've had on some of this--but I definitely cannot prove any of it, and it's based on a mixture of intuition, possible coincidence, possible correlation (but not causation): our very controlled media is of course featuring this 'wuhan lab leak' story quite a bit. It reminds me of years ago when the media kept promoting the 'weapons of mass destruction' story. That story of course got two sides to argue: 'he didn't have any weapons, we should have left him alone!!' vs 'that guy had some kind of weapons and by golly we needed to take him out!!!' Or at least I think the script was something like that.

Of course, Jared's in depth analysis effectively showed that the entire story was bs, distraction for the masses to hide the US elite's objective: weakening Iraq and strengthening their Iranian pet regime.

I've wondered if this whole 'lab leak' thing is more of the same. My intuition, and there were scientists and some rogue doctors saying this early on during 'covid'--were the physical manifestation the result of 5g or similar cellular technology? The circumstantial aspects: there are online studies indicating that low-level radiation can cause a myriad of the same effects as covid (cough, fever, weakness, etc. etc). Some of the early covid events were on one or two Princess cruise ships, and Princess for the last few years has been at the forefront of tracking technology on their ships (where you wear a thing on your wrist and it's tracked everywhere). Note that when the actual statistics were analyzed there was no real disaster on that ship (some old/sickly got sick, a very normal percentage got very sick or died).

It was also very odd to me the extent to which 'covid' seemed to afflict people in a random way, even if they'd been isolating, washing hands like crazy, doing whatever they could to dodge it. But they couldn't dodge it. But there *was* a rush of covid patients in NYC on March 13, 2020. Many were orthodox Jews (not sure of proportion). *Something* was done to spike the numbers to give the fake pandemic the veneer of a real event. But this is vague--maybe a toxic agent was released on them, or maybe some other technology was used. Clearly some deliberate attack was made on those neighborhoods of NYC.

So as mentioned, there's definitely no proof for any of this. But I do notice the peculiarity of the availability of the 'lab leak' story, and the similarity to the WMD debate (a government-supplied fake debate) of years ago.

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You raise an interesting point. What is causing the ‘COVID’ symptoms? Is it SARS2? Or is it something else?

I like your reasoning: if a story is too “available,” as you say, we should be suspicious. But remember that a story can become “available” (as Iran-Contra was during the late 1980s) because it is better for damage control to air it and manage it than it is to try and submerge it entirely. We thus need to consider two possibilities: 1) that the entire “available” story is bunk; or 2) that at least parts of the “available” story are real but the bosses decided it was better to manage the interpretation.

What is fundamental for me in the lab-leak hypothesis is not whether SARS2 really escaped from Wuhan, or whether SARS2 is really the culprit in COVID. I think the evidence looks relatively good on that, but it doesn’t matter as much as this: the US and the Chinese were collaborating to give bat viruses deadly gain-of-function at the Wuhan lab.

That, in my view, is the real story. And the implications of that will remain even should it turn out that COVID symptoms have an entirely different cause.

The parallels to Iran-Contra here are rather good (I will soon publish on this). In Iran-Contra, as you will recall, the US government was exposed when secretly arming the Iranians. The story became tremendously “available,” but it never became a story about a secret alliance between the US government and the Iranian Ayatollahs, just as the COVID controversy has not become a huge scandal over the secret alliance between the US and Chinese power elites.

But it should.



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Well it's been a few weeks. For the 2nd or 3rd time, I got fairly sick shortly after a cruise (I'm not injected), and multiple people I know got 'covid' on or right after a cruise. In my case, I felt fine throughout. We got off on a Tuesday morning, were outside all day, flew back home on Jetblue (free wifi, hi-tech plane) on Wednesday afternoon, and I started feeling lousy on Thursday. Just pure anecdotal (of course, per CDC, 'anecdotal' is the new science): I still suspect it is wireless technology/frequencies causing this. I don't worry about any of it moment-to-moment of course. I just figure it-is-what-it-is. The US government has been putting enough bad stuff in me for years that I just can't agonize over every bit of it.

One aspect I forgot: numerous ships (and now planes) are often implementing faster wifi technology. So there is definitely cell/wifi technology on ships and planes that is very different and beyond what we have in our house.

A point to ponder: shouldn't this be causing a massive *excess* in illness/death? The stats on this are all hard to figure out. I'm not sure if there has been any excess death over the last 3 years. And I've seen some articles on 'virus theory' that make me question how much we were being told even as of 2019 was true. So I'm not sure if low level radiation would cause a spike in deaths. I guess it could cause more sickness. Maybe cardiomyopethy???

I do notice that at least in my city, cancer (especially pediatric) is a booming business. In 2023, where medicine should have many answers, how is pediatric cancer (and cancer in general) so prevalent?

It does seem like that wuhan lab leak story died down, in the usual way that the media decides when a story will heat up, and when it will cool down. And I guess China's role as our partner is not unlike the role of our fake 'enemy' Iran (another ally presented like an enemy).

But I have no proof to this theory. We just have the media-foisted lab-leak theory or this alternative hypothesis that was mentioned by some experts, but little covered by any large media outlet.

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