I love your work. But, alas, the amount of subterfuge in the world distracts even those that are awake and well-intended.

The most notable issues surrounding COVID are;


The total number of deaths in 2020 was similar to the preceding years;

The death rate due to influenza dropped to the floor;

COVID death rates compensated for flu death rates (not an irony);

Through all of history, including modern history dating back to the late 1700s, there has never been successful experiments for contagions; and

Microscopes were developed in the 1920s and early 1980s that showed the life cycle of viruses to be viewed in real time, bringing to light, the fact that they only grow within a cell to collect debris (including radioactive isotopes) and excrete with the debris into the blood where it travels to the lymphatic system and leaves the body through the kidneys. Also, bringing to light that these viruses do not travel from cell to cell much less from outside the body to inside the body. Also bringing to light the reality that a more appropriate name for “viruses” (which means poison) is “exosomes”. Exosomes serve a purpose of detoxing toxic elements in a cell.


That said, there is certainly a connection between Wuhan and the Scamdemic.

A product was developed to create a vaccine. Wuhan’s effort was indeed to create an exosome that is terribly toxic to human beings. But, that toxin, the created exosome, was never intended to be a Contagion (science knows better). The toxin was intended to either;

Be placed in a vaccine and injected into bodies, or

Be used as the RNA instruction set to be used by mRNA technology to “force” human bodies to manufacture the toxins within host cells via injection.

in other words, “the vaccine is the bio-weapon”.

I know that’s a deep rabbit hole on which to embark. Especially considering all of the ones to which you have dedicated your life.

But, this deception is critical knowledge for the world to understand. And you have a fantastic following.

I would encourage you to take one step back... a higher vantage point, and unveil yet another radical deception.

It seems the people of world can’t help but want to devour itself.

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Hi Francisco, longtime reader of your work. Question: have you ever heard from any reliable sources that China had drastic covid lockdown policies? I know that US media (and sites like tiktok, twitter, etc.) featured little videos of 'horrible lockdown' but I was never sure of the veracity for this reason: the US government was clearly in partnership with China from the start. From the very start, US media disseminated really absurd videos from China showing things like: people flopping over dead on subways, big 'misting' trucks going around sanitizing the atmosphere, people in white bogus hazmat suits spraying people getting off of airplanes, etc. So the fact that US media was eagerly showing these patently absurd things lead me to believe the pentagon was partnering with China, and I figured that stories of 'draconian lockdowns' over there were likely more BS. But I don't know this for certain. I was just going by intuition. Your articles long ago trained me to think objectively, thus I saw through the scam at once and never considered getting injected.

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