What's really weird is this:

You've got Aaron Mate and Max Blumenthal, both Jews, and Normal Finklestein and Gabor Mate, both Holocaust survivors and Jews, saying this:

"Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians. We condemn this."

And then you have Francisco Gil White who is NOT a Jew, by his own admission, saying: "No! The fault is all with Hamas and the organizations that run the Palestinian authority, offspring of the Final Solution and Grand Mufti."

As for Francisco Gil White not being a Jew and being asked why he is so vociferous in supporting Jews and defending Jews on the program by the host, this is what he has to say, and this makes total sense to me:

"Because Anti-Semites have traditionally been tyrants and oppose freedom. I am not doing this out of charity; I am doing this for myself, and my own self defence. Whenever Jews get hated, EVERYBODY suffers, because freedom goes away. " Then he gives a brief historical outline, in a few minutes, of every major pogrom, from Rome to the Inquisition to the Russian Tsar to Nazi Germany, and about how non-Jews suffered in these systems as well as Jews because they were tyrannical and statist and authoritarian. How bad Graeco Roman was to live under. Being hacked by lions. Being pitted in an arena for combat like animals. And cheered on and watched by psychopathic rulers. "Everybody thinks the Greeks invented Democracy. Bullshit!" he says. "The Jews invented Liberalism and Democracy." And then he gives examples of stipulations in Law and Leviticus for the equal treatment of slaves, the release of slaves after a few years, and Jubilees, the appointment of lawyers, rabbis, for constitutional jurisprudence, separations of powers: the King cannot be also a Priest, etc. Then he uses this to launch into how tyrannical and anti-freedom the Hamas and Palestinian Authority is.

So what is going on??? Why are Jews supporting Palestinians and non-Jews like Gil White not? Well I can give one possible suggestion: White guilt. Stereotype threat. You are under the threat of being stereotyped as a person who represents everything bad that the group you are part of is being slandered by media as. White Liberals, being afraid of being called Racists, will bend over backwards to support stuff like Black Lives Matter. Well Jews, afraid of being called "Apartheid Colonial Settler State Supporters" will bend over backwards to prove that they are not. Just like Black Conservatives will bend over backwards to prove that they are "respectable, law-abiding citizens" and not "gangster thug criminals with a low IQ." Respectability Quotient. Being afraid of being called ______ because Media has painted a broad picture of "You Guys" as all being "Bad Guys."

In other words: the vilification of Jews/Israel has become so great and so widespread in society now that Jews themselves are trying to prove themselves "respectable" and "not conforming to stereotype."

Stereotype Threat. The fear of not being perceived as X.

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I'm so glad that I have found you again. I was watching you documentaries way back on FacesHirHome when years ago we communicated about your book " The holocaust , getting translated into English. I think you were in Mexico at the time. I have often shares “WHAT IS PALESTINE? WHO ARE THE PALESTINIANS?” https://vimeo.com/77053361?ref=tw-share & have been subjected to abuse being accused of spreading “Shameful Propaganda”! It's astonishing. I hope that you are well . Good to find you again .

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Don't post anything in full here since it leads to you getting spam--but is there any email address you read and respond to? a buddy of mine wants to get in touch.

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Gracias por el artículo, es muy interesante y esclarecedor. ¿Podrías también explicar el tema que está en los medios sobre Estados Unidos entregando 6 mil millones de dólares a Irán para liberar a los estadounidenses secuestrados, y cómo ese dinero pudo haber sido utilizado por Irán para apoyar a Hamas en este ataque? Sería valioso entender cómo funcionan las alianzas en una región tan inestable. Muchas gracias.

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This time it is striking that...

1- MSM are all for Israel.

2- Not just msm; even top rank politicians. Read... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2023/oct/10/people-supporting-hamas-in-uk-will-be-held-to-account-says-rishi-sunak

3- Perfect timing. Hamas guys waited until the Granada EU summit was due last Thursday.

4- Just 200k soldiers invaded Ukraine. Now it takes 300k to get into Gaza.

This all reminds much of 1973 when the Oil Crisis started to rise oil a 500% because Western democracies supported Israel.

How about them taking fear home ( to us, wessies) as a plus, and restart London or Paris ot Madrid-like strikes (streets, concerta, metro, trains) since we deserve it for supporting Israel?

All in orderto rise prices and increase control of all kinds... Two birds a shot?

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it is interesting to me that this is the first war/skirmish I can recall involving Israel (over the past 40 years or so) where the msm is not entirely anti-Israel every step of the way. I think there are some interesting geopolitical aspects of this.

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